Should i menyumpah seranah or say something bad that i've never let it come out of my lips?

oh yes. not my type. i prefer to keep silent and watch. the worst word was chapter 1 but that was ages before i know how to behave politely. when i was a small kid n easily influenced by surroundings. yeap, budak2 kampung used to say that word, very very frequently. it seems like tak sah in every conversation w/out that ugly word. but pink looks nice. ok2. depends on what looks nice with pink. har har har. even now, ramai jek yg suke sebut bab 1, os cof excluding this sweet little amizah. winkssss ;)

Life like this. n i don't like this kind of situation i'm facing rite now. it's complicated i'd say. huwarghhhh! help me oh my god. i hate to see her. yeap, i reali do. i can't stand pretending any second. i'm not good at that. i'm not talented to replace angelina jolie, nor fasha sandha jugak bkn aisyuwariya rai (cane ntah eja.. lupe plak). it's written all over my face n i can't help it.

I wish i can turn back time, to somewhere i used to be. in school when we're busy filling up forms for entering universities. it still fresh in my head. between UTM Skudai n UTP, i chose this femes UTP even i know nothing what to do with my future. only prayers, hoping for the best was all i can do. i have no idea about what engineering is. berani mati pilih engineering yg skang is my kesukaan. alhamdulillah, HE listened to my prayers n do tentukan the best for me. yeap, this is the best for me but that little something intrudes my mood. x pasal2 timbulkan kemarahan.

that little something = a fren from school who's together with me taking chemical engineering in this lovely UTP for 5 years, and another 2 years left to face her irritating face. sounds so cruel but that's what happen. i can't help myself. o plis help me! did i wish i wasn't here or i'm here w/out her. yea, i know, i'm becoming so jahat and mean. extremely mean i'd say. yes or no, i have to bear for another 2 years! plis be strong sweet little amizah~!

So many things happen and i can hardly forget. sape yg cari pasal dulu?? ko atau aku? selagi aku bole saba, aku try saba. tp skang dh smpai limit. sket lg nk cecah infiniti. ok, i forgave u but the memories remain. aku try utk lupekan segala-galanya. kdg2 aku hrp aku ilang ingatan, some parts yg aku nk lupe la.. ilang terus kang nanye plak parents aku. huk3. aku x tipu, aku harap some of the unwanted memories tuh disappeared, permanently! so that we can be like before, back in PC when we're so close together. i reali do! but what happens now is beyond my control. i can't help it. i just can't! kerana sekarang =! dulu-dulu.

another confusing entry bg sesape yg x taw cite sebena. tp xpe, keep reading my post kerana ia bkn utk difahami, hanya utk dibaca. bg yg faham, thanks for always be there. i luv u girlsss. gegurl syg korang! muaxxx ;x i can be a good fren, best perhaps depending on the fren. becoz frenship is a two-way relationship. everyone knows that. kan3~

maen squasy pon x ilang lg skt ati ni.. menambahkan ade la.. adusss. nk balik~ abah, cpt la dtg~~

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3 komen

  1. [syg ku, we know da best 4 us..
    xyah amik pot pe org kte coz i love u all coz of who u r..]

  2. huwargh...meletop!
    peace....sang. :p
    saba ye...........

  3. lupe plak aku penah tulis entry camni.. tp ape yg berlaku tu ade hikmahnye.
    im glad that we're together again.. thanks for all of the supports girlss :)