Let's sing a song~

I'm head over heels happy tonite

I called abah just now..
Talking to him then to ma

I'm so excited about THAT thing we've discussed
I just can't wait to get home

I know they love me
And for sure I love them too


Only HE knows how glad I am
to have them by my side

Ma, Abah..
I love you so much no one can even replace your place in 'here'
I promise, I'll try my VERY BEST
And NEVER ever disappoint you guys

You're GREAT!
The BEST amongst all I've ever had

And please,
DON'T ever leave me
Whenever I'm NOT ready for that
And I'm pretty sure
I'll NEVER ready for that

I want you FOREVER
The BOTH of you!

Because you're the beginning of what I'm today

p/s: This is not a song. Let's sing a song~ is just a symbolic meaning of happiness. Next entry kite kara-ok.. arasso?? ;)

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2 komen

  1. i wonder what the thing is.
    keep me informed darling

  2. it's just a little something
    sape ni ye?