it's 6th Ramadhan already. time fly when we're having so much fun. yeap, even bz gilerr but i'm enjoying my life to the fullest in here, lovely Toronto. Oppps, Tronoh jek!

there're lotsssa things to be shared here but the bzness is killing me. about the tak kesampaian dream, my forever-loved bro, my great abah, my loving mummy, my powerpuff girlfrensss, me as a cook, bla..bla..bla... oh ye, about that member too, but it's better for me to keep silent (x pasal2 tambah dosa di bulan ramadhan yg mulia ini..) T_T

hmm.. i'm working on an entry entitled 'a boyfren' but i don't know when it'll be published since i'm bz like heaven now with 3 tests to go next week. kalo ade rezeki maka akan terpost la entry itu.. kalo x, simpan wat kenangan dlm draft. huk3

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