The Confession??

Nothing interesting about the confession. I wish there wasn't any. Erkk. I wish there is but from ehem2. gatal! haha. Hmm.. if there is, i'm not sure whether i'll be able to accept or fail to reject. x same ke maksudnye?? (tibe2 teringat test probstat.. huk3). Reason? As simple as 'xde ati' or in bahasa lembut as 'pintu ati belom terbukak utk itu'. Ngeh3.

How should i say this? I'm not redi for a relationship. And it's not my expertise, susah arr feeling2 ni.. And 1 more thing, it's flirting only my concern. Hoho.. bajet HOT! kidding jek, jgn amek ati.. hehe

How i wish... or only a d.r.e.a.m?? Let the time decide for us.. pray for the best! ;)

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