Mencari diri yang hilang

Mencari diri yang hilang. Ke mana hilangnya diriku? Arghhh! I hate this. The situation i'm facing at this very moment disgusts me. Really.

I wanna run away. Far^12 away. To other planet maybe. Or other dimension? What ever it is, as far as i'm not here. Not here!

DOWN^12. I may seems ok but i'm not. Realli. Test 1 probstat failed, dgn jayanya. Test 2 Safety (yesterday) bakal fail, juga dgn jayanya. Feel like crying but no drops roll out. Oh strength, dakap aku.. hug me like you did back during the good old days. hug me like u'll never let me go. hug me tight. plis3!

i want the lost amizah back. return her to me. plis3! how i wish things to turn better. good at least. i need nobody but me myself, stronger. Allah, help me. huk3.

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2 komen

  1. babe..ehem2 tu sape?
    dulu bole la i konfem sape ehem2 u tp skrg ni mcm dh ade org laen je
    sape2 pon.. i akn sokong if u like him and he likes u. =p

  2. hmm.. i pon xtaw.. ramai sgt calon