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Saturday, November 1, 2008

10 dan 5

My top 10 favourite food

>>Mom's cook of course (tgh mengidam nie.. 3 weeks to go, lmbat lg nk balik~ uhukkk)

>>Nasi minyak (sesape nk kawen tu, jgn lupe ye)

>>Nasik putih+ikan rebus goreng+budu

>>Nasik lemak yang sedap (tp x pedas sgt)

>>Nasik putih+sayur masak lemak+ikan masin+budu (nk balik~!)

>>Nasi goreng ikan masin

>>Lauk pauk yg nenek belah mak aku masak (best woo.. tp die jarang masak.. huk3)

>>cake (esp choc moist cake)

>>Mushroom soup (nyum3~)

>>Spageti (credit to wanie.. hoho~!)

10 Things I love doing

>>Mengelamun sambil senyum sensorang ;)

>>Watch fevret muvies/series (Transformers, Detective Conan)

>>Eating (no wonder boncit! haha)

>>Layan lagu best dalam playlist

>>Sitting beside the driver (i mean a berkaliber driver n macho one. hoho)

>>Sitting in the kitchen watching at my mom's cooking. and of course with the sembang2 laa.. how i miss u mummy~ uhukk

>>Sembang2 ngan my family members at our hotspot. it's an everyday must!

>>Gossiping ;) and chit chatting with besties

>>Study when i feel like to (revision)

>>Not to study when there's test, esp short notice test. (urghhh!)

5 Types of boys that I adore

>>Respect me, and elders and others

>>Protective, cool, charismatic one

>>He knows what he's doing and has his own goals in life

>>A boy who makes me smile, feel pleased, and secured of course

>>Pemandu yg berkaliber (aku kan malas drive~ kui3)

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down

>>Eating (mungkin epal yg jd sasaran utama. junk food pon boleh jadi..)

>>Layan lagu or cite sedih so that senang nk nangis

>>Tell someone else who can ease the 'down'ness. kui3

>>Sleep all day (tipu gilerr.. aku mane penah tido lame2)

>>Cheer up girl! it's not the end of the world ok..

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy

>>Senyum sensorang

>>Sing a song with a grin :D

>>Call mummy. abah jugak.. hehe

>>Tell frens. besties je kot..

>>Post an entry about it. kui3

10 Ways to win my heart

>>make me pleased

>>how to make me pleased?

>>when you're with me, you'll know

>>how to be with me?

>>be a friend

>>how to be a friend?

>>get along

>>how to get along?

>>approach me, interesting conversation and some jokes will do (not silly ones ok!)

>>it depends on you; how you work out with my heart. hoho

My top 5 most favourite junk food

>>Megi (dan seangkatan dgnnya)



>>Ice-cream. vanilla plis!

>>Kerepek ubi kayu

5 Things I wish it could happen soon

>>Cepat laa study week abes

>>Cepat laa exam week abes

>>Cepat laa balik umah

>>Cepat laa abes blaja.. cepat laa keje..

>>Cepat laa............ getting married? kui3

10 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die

>>Jaga my parents as good as they look after me. Parents bole jaga sepuluh anak dgn terbaek tp 10 anak belum tentu boleh jaga parents dgn baek, apetah lagi terbaek. uhukk. i wish i could do this before i go forever. Saaaayaaaang ma nga abah~ (this is not ridiculous.. rite??)

>>Aku nak merasa maen salji.. cam best je kan.. jakun sungguh la minah ni. M'sia xde salji. uhukk.

>>I wish to gather all my family members (sedara jauh dan dekat skalik) during an occasion. Mungkin mase tuh aku dah jadi jutawan muda sbb menang a contest. So kirenye, mase kenduri kesyukuran tuh, aku nk sume ahli keluarga aku ade.. sedara jauh dekat sile2 la datang ye, kite berkenal-kenalan.. honestly, aku x kenal mereka. uhukk.

>>I wish to dive in the deep blue sea (even berenang katak pon fail. uhukk) and treasure the beauty of the ocean.. perhaps there'll be someone who's planning to propose me in there with a coral. oh no! a ring laa.. with a diamond on it. a BIG one. hoho.

>>I wish to have a reception on a beach. white sand, the sepoi-sepoi bahasa breeze, the serene blue sea... How wonderful~ can't wait!

>>I wish to wear a cinderella-like gown on my wedding day. with a tudung of course! cpt2, sape nk design baju kawen aku..~? (seswai ke ek? uhukk)

>>I wish to have a holiday (honeymoon perhaps) in a luxurious ship like Titanic (hopefully no sinking. uhukk)

>>I wish to be seated in each and every model of cars in the world, with a berkaliber driver beside. And travel all around the world. Sooo sweeet~

>>Tell everyone dat i love how much they mean to me. I wish i have the strength for that.

>>Write an entry, a farewell should it be. Babai sume~ doakan aku diampunkan sume dosa2, ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg beriman, bersama orang2 yg DIA kasihi, aku tenang di sana dan x kacau hidup korang dah.. huk3. sob3. wuuuu.. (mcm la aku taw bile nk mati.. adess!)

top 10 recently most addicted song

>>My Alien by Simple Plan

>>One Step at a time by Jordin Sparks

>>Lucky by Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat

>>Lagu Kita by Aizat

>>Burnin' Up by Jonas Brothers

>>Sepi Sekuntum Mawar Merah by VE (tribute to Ella)

>>Addicted to Me by the Click Five

>>Thank You by Dido

>>Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

>>If I Never See You Again by Maroon5 ft Rihanna

10 Person I wish to tag
Malas la nk tag orang. Study Week, sume orang sibuk study.. Aku ni bile lg nk studi??

Gilerr laa susah soklans ni.. latar mase: sehari suntuk (hiperbola lagii laa tuhh). Harap2 final exam questions would be easier. 3 hours je for each paper, hopefully sempat siapkan.. huk3


  1. >>Sitting beside the driver (i mean a berkaliber driver n macho one. hoho)


    babe..study hard in a smart way.

  2. hihi.. i love doing that. kui3

    baek~ let's study hard smartly.. 0.01 sgt bernilai.. strive for our goals ok! gud luck babe.. gud luck all..


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