it's something

Nothing, just chemical reaction engineering (CRE) stuffs and something i'm afraid of... if u need to study for your final exams, go ahead. i believe that it's a waste of time reading this post. and i know, i'm wasting my precious time writing this post. whatever.. as long as i know what i'm doing and i love it. ;)

CRE. i've tried hard to put my focus at the very highest level but all i got was sleepy eyes and spinning head and tak best feeling (dat's why i'm blogging). as if i could close the text book and go to bed and start dreaming and worry about nothing just like when i'm at home. as if i could...

i do afraid of this little something. something like.. erkk unwritten! i wish i could unleash the unwritten.. If I say it like I mean it then maybe I'll believe it like it's true. Ya, like it's true.. still, unwritten. (i told u, it's a waste of time. go and study you people~!)

good luck babes. good luck frens. good luck all.
HE bless us all.. work hard folks, pray for the best. HE's with us, always.

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