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Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY break

Nothing much to say. I went to keping's house last CNY (Chinese New Year) break. It was an awesome stay (24th - 27th Jan 09). All the makan-makan, lepak-lepak, jalan-jalan, peram-peram tido, and everything we did was great (makan free, mane x sonoknye.. ngeh3). And here are some photos i managed to snap.. (i was not gila gamba, so ini sahaja hasilnya)

Ulu Kenas dalam kenangan

traffic jam di UK

dari dalam kereta, seat belakang. nite driving for cik keping, and me, nite passenger-ing? haha

it takes me sooo long to publish this post. don't blame me. it's UTP internet connection yg super superb. refresh and keep refreshing but nothing change. sigh~

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