Welcome back!

Officially I am a final year student, starting from today, 25th January 2010 :D

Frankly typing, I do not know how to berperasaan. Empty, perhaps it is the best word to describe me now.

This emptiness is killing me. Im dying. Help! Help!

Bencinye menjadi seorang yang tak berperasaan dengan kekosongan yang mengosongkan. (?)

Packing nak balik utp kosong.
Sepanjang perjalanan ke utp kosong.
Sampai utp kosong.
Register bilik kosong.
Unpacking kosong.
Enroll course kosong.
Buat jadual kelas kosong.
Pergi kelas kosong.
Balik kelas kosong.
Daki tangga ke bilik kosong.
Masuk bilik kosong.
Sembang dengan rumet kosong.
Baring-baring kosong.
Tidur kosong.

I think I'm lost in this new surrounding. Hilang dalam ramai

As predicted, things are different now.
Village - I moved to Village 5
House - with new housemates
Room - at level 4 (4.2.4)
Roommate - a junior
Friends - berterabur di serata alam UTP (village, blok lain2)
Coursemates - wah, lame tak jumpe korang :D

I believe this is temporary, as it is one of weird phases in my life - learn how to adapt with new environment.
Don't worry, everything will be fine :)

Wish me luck for new semester as a final year student of UTP.
Wish me luck for Final Year Project (FYP) ((FYP nak buat ape eh?))

P/s: Mudah-mudahan cepat adapt dengan new environment

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