As salam & hello people :)

I miss blogging terribly. I miss JK even more. Seriously!

I have to admit that this house, where my house-mates and I are living is much much better than JK; but ah malas lah nak tulis, tak ada idea nak buat ayat best best dan touching (haha). The point is I miss JK. I miss each and everyone of us. I miss every second we spent together, for that meaningful 32 weeks. I didn't have the chance to visit that house (yet) because the point is I miss us. Malas lah nak melawat JK, makin rindu jadinya. Biarlah JK kat situ, aku dan hidup baruku di Santong. But hey, our memories remain in my heart, no worries :)

Antara fav pic

P/S: InsyaAllah, will not write about JK anymore. I mean, life goes on. I'll write more about... (I don't know yet)

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