DE at play

1. In previous entry, I did mention about camera and play. 
2. Attached herewith is my latest photos as a DE; at play.
3. However, I put the captions without 'play' even I was playing hard during my outstation the other day. "Awak enjoy lah 2 hari ni puas-puas" - Bos, 2011 *big grin*
4. These photos weren't taken by a camera I wish to buy (I will, some other day).
5. They're from Syazana's iphone. Terbaek!

28/06/2011 - First meeting with client
(No, not this one; she just escort me to KLCC. Million thanks, babe!)

29/06/2011 - Bye babe, see you next time ;)
(Kantoi pakai tudung sama. HAHA.)

6. I dah tengok Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Hari first tayang, 3D lagi! Mengular time office hour memang best. HAHA :P
7. See, I was playing hard during my visit to KLCC. Eceh!

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