Dear Sir,

Being/acting arrogant will not make people amused; neither respect nor befriend. Well, they might respect or befriend, in front of you. What happen at your back is them to know. Pity you.


And pity me, still gasping for a friendship at work. Seriously I make no good friend here. Maybe I'll just let the officemate-friendship over when 8-5 slot is over. Or should not I?

I'm not that kind yang pilih bulu; I'm that kind yang pilih kepala. HAHA. Trust me, I'm a good friend if our head make a good match.

Yes, I'm that kind yang sombong because I'm not THAT friendly. I know how to smile at people and I also know how to smirk when people don't smile back at me. HAHA.

I'm not into texting/SMSing people 24/7; unless I really have something to say (like IMY :P). I don't text people to ask what kind of clothes would you wear to work today, baju kurung or jeans&t-shirt. HAHA kiddinggg :P

P/S: I love you. Have a good sleep people!

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