Gold Digger

Honestly, I'm not happy with my life now.

Money can't buy happiness but money is everything.


Ermmm. Is it normal to cry over something like "Aku xde duettt T_T"

Makin tua makin menjadi-jadi perangai, bukan makin matang. Haishhh!

Every month I struggle to save some of my salary for the so called masa depan yang gemilang.

Struggle ok!

Thus I think I need to mary a billionaire for the same reason Maya Karin did in Pisau Cukur.

Me myself taknak jadi billionaire sebab I believe it's not easy. Nak jadi thousandaire pun susahhh. HAHA.

Unless I hit the jackpot. Harap2 Jack terlupa bawak balik his pot or left it somewhere I can easily hit. HAHA kuasa dua.

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