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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gold Digger

Honestly, I'm not happy with my life now.

Money can't buy happiness but money is everything.


Ermmm. Is it normal to cry over something like "Aku xde duettt T_T"

Makin tua makin menjadi-jadi perangai, bukan makin matang. Haishhh!

Every month I struggle to save some of my salary for the so called masa depan yang gemilang.

Struggle ok!

Thus I think I need to mary a billionaire for the same reason Maya Karin did in Pisau Cukur.

Me myself taknak jadi billionaire sebab I believe it's not easy. Nak jadi thousandaire pun susahhh. HAHA.

Unless I hit the jackpot. Harap2 Jack terlupa bawak balik his pot or left it somewhere I can easily hit. HAHA kuasa dua.

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