My birthday's eve

Stayed up late for work

12 midnight reached home

Exhausted but cant sleep thanks to nescafe o peng

I'm (still) struggling to become a better person. A good daughter. A loving sister. An obedient servant (to the Almighty). A well rounded designer. An honest employee. A sincere friend. A tough girl. A grateful person.

Dear you, ah I better dont write it here. Btw, I miss the good old days. I miss you too. You're a part of my life. Thanks for your presence, for making me feel special esp on a day like this. I guess no more birthday wish right on 12 am of 21st March. No more. Maybe it's the best.

Please sleep. Tomorrow ada meeting please dont screw please be prepared.

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1 komen

  1. epy bufday mizah!smg berjaya didunia & akhirat:)