When she was just a girl

She expected the world

But it flew away from her reach

So she ran away in her sleep

Dreamed of para-para paradise

Para-para paradise

Every time she close her eyes

Amizah is listening to Paradise by Coldplay. She love the song she set it as ringtone for her Galaxy (Ace je). Unlucky Amizah she still has not received any call since last few days. Kem onnn people, call her! Ask me her number. Huahua gila desperate :p

OK bye.

Tipu je. Tak baik tipu nanti masuk neraka kata simsimi si chatting robot. Apakah robot jua mengerti apa itu neraka? Bila ditanya neraka kat mana dijawabnya belakang kau. Hamboihh kasar kau ye simsimi. Haih dengan robot pon nak berkira. o_O

Maybe I expected the world for now I wanna run away in a sleep. And dream of you. And us.

Let's go sleep people I'm so sleepy. And it's very condusive to sleep now as it's raining; quite heavily. We're in winter again. How can I not adore Kerteh? How can I?

Good nite Kerteh see you tomorrow (InsyaAllah).

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