She is lucky

I am lucky
To have the opportunity to still breathing, today (insya Allah tomorrow and the days after today).
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for the gift.

Since I've been living my life solitarily, I'm afraid that one day I might end up leaving alone (if you get what I mean). How pathetic. But who am I to decide when, where and how it will be. May Allah ease. Amiin.

I am lucky
To have the opportunity to see the beauty of His creation. Subhanallah :)

I am lucky
To have known all the people I know because somehow they made who I am (if you get what I mean)

I am lucky
Because He loves me
Always be there for me
Thank you Allah

I guess I have no reason to feel insecure, abandoned
to rebel
to not be grateful
to ask for more (again, if you get what I mean)


I tak suka lagu berdua bersatu nyanyian Forteen sebab lirik lagu tu somehow I rasa tak logik

Jika denganmu salah
Ku tak mahu yang benar

P/S: Tolong jangan terlalu buta boleh tak?

Tolong dan jangan dalam satu ayat menyalahi tatabahasa Melayu; aku tahu itu.
Jika tolong dan jangan salah, ku tak mahu buat ayat yang betul grammarly.

Err apa aku buat neh? Mohon undur diri.
Happy weekend everyone!

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