Hadiah Kawen

Hello readers! Long time no see. Miss writing soo much. Been bz been lazy. Was not so passionate lately; body's not that fit to endure the hecticness.

Sometimes I just amazed on how I managed to survive. Thank you Allah for giving me the strength to keep walking, allowing me to live another day. Even it's quite routine, I'm thankful for to be able to breath again. Alhamdulillah :)

Something not good happened to me and my dear housemates last week. Hopefully it'll be the first and last incident ever. It's sad to talk about what happened so I'll just skip to the next paragraph :p

Weddings are everywhere. Congratulations to all friends and family who get married recently. I'm sorry for not making the efforts to attend the weddings as I had another commitments. I wanted to go but I just can't. Sorryyyy. I wish you all the best in your new phase of life. Semoga berkekalan ke syurga. Amiin :)

Attached is a picture of my office mates wrapping wedding present for our colleague. Best kan kawen dapat hadiah dari department. Nak jugakkk! Hihi :p

Ok readers, it's time for me to step out. See you soon. Muahh!

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2 komen

  1. InsyaAllah akan disegereakan bila tiba masanya. doa-doakan dipermudahkan, ya.. :)