Let's be sincere tonight

I always want to write sincerely. To express the real feeling(s) in me. To voice out the voices in my head. To be me, for myself. But.. it's always the hardest thing to do when I start to write/type.

Let's talk about something sincere tonight. Something deep inside.

I'm tired pretending that I am THAT tough. I'm tired telling myself that being a lone ranger is cool. I'm tired of acting cool when deep inside I feel sorry for myself.

I'm exhausted of being tired.

Yesterday I was scolded by someone who I don't respect anymore. He was rude; and I'm allergic to rudeness. Because I'm a human being. What did I do so wrong to be treated that way? Gosh thinking about yesterday makes me super sad. And lonely; as if I have nobody here. Like I'm all alone, nobody wants me.

Nobody wants to be lonely.

But I have Allah. Alhamdulillah :)

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