Ingat lagi

Haha apa-apa je lah post title ko Jahhh!
Janji aku masih ingat aku ada blog.

Walaupun handsome, tapi kalau (dot dot dot)
Hmm takpelah, lain kali mungkin?

Look, I have something called belief and I believe in my belief; strongly. You got what I'm saying? No? No worries, tak penting pon sebab kadang-kadang ayat sengaja diputar-belitkan dengan tujuan mengelirukan :P


Gosh why is being an engineer is so stressful? I mean too much pressure. Lagi-lagi when I am a pressure vessel designer. Omaiii!

Sometimes I love Thursday but some other times I don't like Thursday. Sebab sometimes I need to be an engineer cum clerk. Yeah you can say clerk je pon! Clerk kat tempat kerja I busy mengalahkan PM. That's why sometimes on Thursday I have to be an extra so that we can meet our target.

Bosan lah cerita ofis masuk blog.


Someone handsome called me, said sorry for not replying my SMS a month ago. Wow, how can you remember not replying an SMS a month later? Impressed! HAHA. Then suddenly SMS mintak upah for doing something that he is responsible for. Saje mengayat la tuh! Lastly, he ended conversation (SMS) with a simple K. Did I pissed him off? I'm good at that I guess. HAHA bravo! :P

Eh bateri dah nak habes. Mintak diri dulu.

Be safe everyone! :)

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