Finally, the oil and gas conference or well-known as Society of Petroleum Engineers Malaysia Student Chapter Conference has come to its end. What a relief. It was the most tiring but most never-regretted 3 days in my life ever. The speakers were great. I do adore them. All of them. Their speeches have injected new spirit into me. I think it's better written as a clearer vision on what oil and gas industry is all about. Interesting, amazing, powerful, a platform to produce money, hi-tech, what else to describe about oil and gas industry? Deep water, subsea, risers, seismic, petrophysics, drilling, reservoirs, bla, bla.. all of them, I've never imagined before. With this little exposure of oil and gas industry, i find myself a bit excited to jump into the deep water; I mean now!! [kidding2]

I feel glad that I attended this conference with great speakers. I told you, they're great. Trust me because they totally are! And the participants, they're good. Not good enough to be great I guess. Punctuality is the unsolved issue here. The questions asked by the participants were awesome. Trust me, they were asking as if they're ready to jump into the industry at that very moment. Like they know a lot about it, and they asked just for confirmation i guess. For me who never asked questions and know nothing about oil and gas industry, those questions were never crossed my mind. Like Elyana said in her song, 'Tak tercapai akalmu' . I bet the questioners must be one of these: 1. final year students who are majoring in Petroleum, 2. a Petroleum Engineering students, 3. Students who wish to major in Petroleum - like me, but I was not one of the questioners. ;)

I know why Syazana did change her course. From Chemical Engineering together with me and our Cheme babes to Petroleum Engineering with a few person that i know. I hardly know people in here - in this very beautiful campus i'm studying now, except for Cheme babes and some people I work with [RECMO VII, MAKK, IW]. One of the speakers was impressed with our university and did compliment us. He was right, our Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS is very beautiful, unless for the hot wheather in the jungle we have to face every day. Well, it's not a big deal anyway. If I were Syazana, I'd do the same thing. Unlucky for MARA scholars, we're not allowed to change our courses. However, I do feel glad that I'm in Chemical Engineering programme and I believe that I'm in the right path. Do wish me luck with Chemical Engineering that I love most. [Chemthermo is excluded, I hate it!!]

There're some pictures that I've taken with my beloved friends in these 3 days of learning and joyful moments but I haven't transfer them into my laptop yet. Perhaps I can upload the pictures when the new semester starts. 'Yet' reminds me of one of the speaker's speech (Ms Amalia, a petrophysicist working with Shell). She said in her last words: 'Yet the best is to come'. I believe that 'rezeki ada di mana-mana, asalkan kita ikhlas kerana Allah'. It might be hard on me at the beginning of building my career and NOT to give up is an option. Life is not all about getting 4 flat every semester or become the most powerful person at work or get good position and being paid with big money or having big house, big cars or bla bla bla.. Life is about ourselves, our hearts, our beloved ones. It's about what, how, where and with whom we want to be. Or simply written, my life is about me.

My life is about me.. I think I gonna post another entry regarding this. Just wait and see. Hope to see you soon as tomorrow i'll off to my kuno home. ;) I can't believe this! I'm writing this post till 3.09 a.m in the peaceful morning. What to do.. when a kuno girl gets a laptop [internet connection would be the best replacement] and she is soooo into blogging, then this is what happen. Frankly typing, being kuno at home is not a big deal for me!

Hmm.. Addition pertaining conference: the food served were really finger-licking. I love eating more and more and even more! I'm getting fat and fatter and fatter and the fattest I'll be in no time. Then I can start dieting to become a slender beautiful young Amizah. Avoiding rice, do some jogging or better some houseworks, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Let's DIET! Yeap, this is specially dedicated to my babe, Syazana Izzati Zakaria. Winks~

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