Krisis emosi dan aku

First of all, NO WHINING! But why do i keep doing this? And now, i HATE the word why because i keep asking "why do i keep asking why?". [bengong mode activated]

Nape skang aku seolah-olah kurang bersyukur? I keep blaming others for the things that happened the way i didn't want it to. [I'll try not to type the word WHY]. Biasanya aku akn optimis - things happen for reasons, begitulah aku cuba pujuk ati ni. Tp lately, the most treasured phrase tuh spt xde kesan kt aku. So many bad thoughts crossed my mind. I cried and I keep asking WHY and WHY. [Can't i just eliminate that word?] And i hate it when i'm behaving like this. It is so un-Mizah-like. I seem to lost myself again. I miss her, the person i used to be. Does anyone know where's she now? Tell me plis!

Kenape hati aku berasa sakit sebegini? My heart aches every time i think of it. O Allah, plis help me. I wanna release some of 'but the rest is still unwritten' but i just can't. I hate it when i need to talk but nobody's there. The timing is just not rite.

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4 komen

  1. wutever it is...saba ye cik~ (^^,)/

  2. ak kurang mengerti nukilan anda...
    kena buka kamus br phm..
    ayat2 pening bangat seh..hahaha..

  3. haha
    x perlu fhm kot..
    kamus cap kambing mmg gitu,
    x complete content dio..
    so belila kamus cap itik