Can't Wait!

Yo yo wassap berasap babesss~
I'm telling you it's Thursday! (after a loooooooooooooong 6-days- a week)
Im going back to my hometown
Can't wait. Can't wait.
*big grin*

Soooooo soooooooooorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy to my cun-melecun housemates.
I can't be with you all girls
But the plan is still ON kan, even without me
Next weekend la ye, kita jalan-jalan ke Kuantan berTUJUH
And i promise i'll be there
as the TRANSFORMERS is the main reason for the jalan-jalan ke Kuantan

To my beloved BABES
plis take care of yourselves k..
Miss you all damn much
32 weeks: *semakin hari semakin sayang*

To my BESTIES from school
take care too
friendship never dies
*once a friend, forever a friend~*

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