My man

I knew he worried a lot about me when I got into the bus last night. His face told me everything.

And the pesanan he gave me shows how much he cares for me. “Mizah, telepon ko saing tu awal2 sket. Biar saing tu sapa dulu, jange mizah kene tunggu dio. Kawase paka tu gelap, bahaya. Beringat sket duk sore2 tu”

He even told the bus driver to look after me so that I safely arrive at Paka. “Tulung tgk2 anak kawe deh, siye ko yo sore2.. dah la kawase paka tu bahaya. Kalu buleh tulung tunggu sapa saing dio mari amek”

And the bus driver told me “Saye sungguh abah dio ko dio. Pese gitu mo nah suruh tulung tengok2 anok dio..”

And me: *senyum bangga & terharu*

I could feel that he couldn’t sleep well that night. Not until I gave him a phone call telling him that I’m safely arrived at my house. It was 3 am and my hand phone was out of credit and the battery was exhausted. *sgt damn!*

When I was sleeping soundly, he was busy calling my number. There were a few messages came in when I on my hand phone after charging completed. The messages told me that I got a few missed calls from abah. *sgt rasa bersalah*

My man; abah.

And he will ALWAYS be my hero.
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyang abah. *muah^999999999999999*


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  1. Should be proud of having such a protective father like that. happy fathers day!