I'm done :)

Finally I'm done with my final presentation for Industrial Internship Training Program. It was great I guess (was it?) (whatever, yg penting dah abes!)

I can't believe that I would cuak like that. I sweated like I was in 100 meter run, trying hard to reach the finish line while the other runners were struggling harder as there was a mad dog chasing after us :P [kiding kidding]

But seriously, I was too nervous before the presentation starts. And I did sweat like "Is this air-conditioner not functioning today?" even the reading at the remote controller was 20 deg C and one of the staff was begging me to increase the temperature. He was shivering to death [OK, exaggerate sgt :P]

OMG! How cuak I was. But don't worry dear, I am OK now as it's OVER. It was just a presentation lah Mizah, how come you become that cuak? HAHAHA.

Dr Murni did comment: "Compared to the first time, you were shy, timid but now i can see you are more confident. I am happy that your training made you improve"

Thanks Dr Murni. Your comment makes me wanna fly high :D

Oh, ya! Since my presentation is done, I think I'll head to Holland. Tulips, here I come. HOHOHO tumpang santa claus

p/s: harap-harap jumpa dgn Aie ;D

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