Something inside

Nothing much to say
It's just..
deep inside i feel that
hmmmppph! [apekah?]

Hectic day for Mondays starting today.
Next Monday akan pegi field trip kt Kerteh.

Why was i pretending to sleep?
Malas layan la tuh~ [sungguh jahat daku arini]
She was so pure, came to see me but all i did was pretending to sleep.
Manusia jenis apakah ini?
I'm so sorry but i just can't help it.
Tak larat nk layan la..
Malas nk fake a smile.
Obvious plak karang, because i'm not a good faker.
Wrong timing la.. I'm head to heels penat. Sangat!

Mari tido~ Oooppps! belom mandi lagi sejak blk klas. Dah kul 11 dh cik mizah oii! Nape la aku asek mndi malam2 skang ni ye? Adess!

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2 komen

  1. what do u feel is hectic.must be bcuz og steeeewwwpppppeeeddd schedule they've got us into. gerammmm.marah ni marah..ahhaahaa..i wont have most of my noon sleep. i hate i hate.

    i cant go to pasar mlm for the rest of semester (sounds overstated but 90% true).

    ..and the complaints go on....haha
    nyto u. sweet dream.

  2. haha.. taw xpe. 1st day pon dh penat, belom lg include ngan labs, tuto sume, plus bulan puasa lg..

    ayyoyoo.. apa akan jd pd diriku yg tak cukup kekuatan ini??huhu