This is US
Hmm.. i don't have much to say but since the internet connection is superb this beautiful morning, i come out with an unintended entry. *wink wink*

Let's do some picture-story-telling

From left: eQin, feZzi, mizAh, aiMi and waNie.. sori ye wanie, sekerat jek.. tp xpe, maintain comel ;) Botol sos tomato plak yg eksen lebeh kt dpn tuh.. :P

Me and aiMi zEti.. Iklan colgate ek?? ;)

Me and keping a.k.a feZzi.. ni iklan darli plak ;)

Me and piQin, time lecture

Me and waNie mase MAKK dinner

Us, the 3 cun housemates.. aiMi n waNie jgn jeles ye ;)

Again, the 3 of us.. in sengal mode ;)

Gambar ni ber3 sebenanye, crop gamba keping.. hik3

All in One, this is us.. forever friends babes~ sweet kan, kt gtlk ade 5 gambar yg same ngan status yg berbeza-beza tp membawa maksud sama..

Love u all babes~ Syazana, next entry about us plak ok. don't be sad ;)

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2 komen

  1. hehe..of cos not. read my "whatever" entry. some people on this earth really dont know where they stand. they are getting on my last nerves. im so so going to punch them right at their faces. haha

  2. sayang korang. betul-betul sayang.
    korang cane, sayang aku tak? hehe