November please don't leave me

I have tonnes of workload to be completed before December.

I am 'addicted' to logbooks. I mean finishing them.

I'm exhausted of staying late at night and staring at my laptop screen day and night, weekdays and weekends.

And guess what, I have never been this rajen before.

Those 'rajennesses' during my schooldays or exam weeks -> they can never beat this superajen I am behaving. *lebih rajen dari biasa*

OMG (Oh My Gucci)! I can't believe it.

And I am more than happy for being this superajen as it put smiles on my face when i successfully finished my work.

But sometimes i do get stressed-out with the workloads.

To be honest, i am now.

I need a break.

But being me, a determined supergirl I'll always want to accomplish my target no matter what happen.

Sometimes I hate being a determined supergirl as I always forget that I am just a girl with no superhero ability.

I always forget the fact that *I am not a supergirl*

It's winter again. Eh, raining season :D

It makes me wanna curl like a baby in the blanket the whole day.

But it is so unlike me, sitting there with nothing to do when there's really something to do.

Oh, how i hate being superajen when i need a break -_-"

p/s: sorry for the tunggang-langgang grammar. *(preparing for the final presentation)*

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