Please be rajin

As I'm done with my presentation, I am soooo free (i mean bosan). No mood rajin at all. So I slept in the office around 10 a.m. Read it again: I slept in the office

An advantage of being kecik: you can sleep on your office chair comfortably. You just need to curl your body in the chair and make sure you are in safe position where the other staffs are not able to see you from their cube :)

And guess what, when I opened my eyes about 15 minutes later, there was a note on my laptop written "Please be RAJIN" with a signature. [Whose signature was it?]

OMG! HAHAHA kantoi :P

p/s: About 2 months ago I put a note on my laptop written "Please be rajen" for self-motivation but I took it off when I was super rajen and now that note is gone T_T. But it's OK, i got a new one. Thanks REM! :D

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