Where are you?

I’m currently at Kuala Kangsar, doing some part-time job.

So I’m a part-timer now - a happy one. I’m glad to tell you that I enjoy doing this job. I enjoy my stay at Kuala Kangsar with other team mates. They’re very helpful with pieces of tips and advices. I like them and starting to love and treat them like a family. What a pleasure to be a part of the team (yes, I mean it!).

It’s not easy to earn money, especially for me who has no background about this job I’m doing (and start loving it). Remember Witwicky motto “No sacrifice no victory”? (Transformers, 2009). For a normal girl with no super power like me, I do agree with that motto. Very true indeed. Don’t you think so?

NO? Ya lah, you ada super power, I tak ada.. bak sket minuman tuh :P

However, I do believe that as long as you (I) have passion and you (I) know how to do it, it is not impossible. All you (I) need is confidence and guidance. I’m more than happy to admit that I’m an optimist :) and always told myself: “Aku boleh buat. Aku boleh buat. Aku boleh buat.”

Yes, I can do it. And of course we all can do it :)

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