Weekend where are you?

I don't know why but I like this pic so much.
The good old days.
I yang kecik dalam kalangan mereka yang tak kecik ;)
Oh, rindu kad matrik!
*Mak aii caption panjangnyeeee*

Remember this? (Plis, tolong klik link tu --> menagih simpati. HAHA)

Advantage 2.
Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work.

Advantage 3.
Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair...

they r cooler than the others.

From my point of view (a 2-months-old design engineer), they are so very very TRUE.

P/S: I semakin tak faham apa maksud 'weekend', 'life', 'hang out', etc.
P/S/S: Dilabel sebagai workaholic. Nice!
P/S/S/S: Harapnya tahun depan I kawen. (Amiin)

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6 komen

  1. workaholic? coooollllll

    busy tp still ade time nk blogging?? coooooolllllll kuasa dua.


  2. Is that a compliment?
    Thanks anyway for dropping by :D

  3. wah tahun dpn nk kawen?
    amin..moga cpt2 jdoh..hehe

  4. aimi, berangan je tuh. HAHA.
    btw, doa2kan lah ye. TQ!

  5. amin~~hehe
    btw smlm ak ikot rmbongan kawen sedara ak..die nikah ngn org area umah mu..name siti kot.
    mak n abah ak yg igt jln nk masuk umah mu..ak xigt doh. -_-"