New baby!

Some photos from yesterday's outing. 

I love family outing because I don't have to be a driver myself. Normally, my brother (if he's home) will drive us. If he's at work then I have to drive lah, which I don't really enjoy sebab I kena bawak selowly, or else my mom will bising-bising "SELOW sket bawak keto tuh". T___T Sejak I dapat lesen memandu, my dad rarely drive us, he'll stay at home or lepak-lepak kedai kopi je. If my dad ikut, kami 5 beradek kena jadi sardin kat seat belakang tapi lucky me, being kecik is always an advantage. Hik hik hik :P

Actually, I'm kinda bored of driving alone (I need someone to drive me to/from Paka/Bachok for hours; o please someone be my driver - double meaning) :P

P/S: Bought a new camera (just like that silver camera) hoyeah! but pink in color so girly. Well that's me; a girly design engineer surrounded by hilarious men (DE). Why 'engineer' is used for both male and female engineer not like actor and actress or waiter and waitress? *Sigh*

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