Live life lively

I heard someone said:

"What's the point of 4-5 years of study if you don't use th0se knowledge you gained during your study when you work bla bla bla..."

"There's something wrong with Malaysia's education system bla bla bla.."

"Why don't you (we) study what you (we) really gonna use when you (we) work? What a waste."

My opinions are:

1. Ilmu Allah luas, you lose nothing when you learn (during your study), instead you gain something. Right? 

Waste does not exist here. 

2. It's true that we don't really use them when we work. I don't use my Chemical Engineering knowledge when doing Mechanical Design, instead I have to learn many new things at work. Even if I do the Process Design, I still have to learn many new things; new terms, new equation, new everything. 

Learning is a never-ending process, FYI. It's not just happen in school, it happens in LIFE too.

3. How you (a girl/boy) suppose to know what you're gonna be when you grow up? How sure are you, you gonna be a doctor when you take Biology for SPM? How sure are you, you gonna be a Chemical Engineer when you sign up for Chemical Engineering course? How sure are you, you gonna be an Engineer when you finished your degree? How sure are you? 

The future is uncertain, how can I tell?

4. Life's a journey, remember? Live life as it is. Embrace your every day.

Yes, you can dream. You can work very hard for your dreams to come true. But when life goes against what you wanted to, remember you still have the future. You still have today. Live life lively.

5. My counselor (MRSMPC) once said: Live purposely (Hiduplah dengan sengaja). Pergi kelas sebab nak pergi kelas (untuk belajar haruslah!), bukan sebab tengok kawan-kawan berduyun pergi kelas bawak buku. 

My CPDC (Chemical Process Dynamic Control - harap2 lah tak salah) lecturer  (I forgot her name but I remember her face) once said: 
... you pursue your study (masters) because of you want to, not because of you have to (sebab you nak jadi lecturer)

So, kesimpulannya ialah: Belajarlah sebab nak cari ilmu, bukan sebab nak jadi senior design engineer :P

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