Mind Awake

I should wake up earlier than I used to now. It's not that I wake up late, it just my nerve transmission is slower in the morning; need time to warm up I guess. Sometimes I still mamai when driving to work, which obviously can cause accident. 

Pernah satu hari I termasuk Reverse gear when red light turns to green at the traffic light. Luckily my car has sensor lalu cepat-cepat I tukar gear D. Fuhhhh; alhamdulillah. Another incident is I lupa tekan break when my car approaching traffic light with red. Scary gila OK. Nasib baik sempat, tu pun dah near-miss I rasa. Alhamdulillah lagi. 

Syukur Tuhan masih beri peluang untuk hidup, untuk lebih berhati-hati, untuk baiki kesilapan, untuk jadi orang yang lebih baik. Hopefully there will be no third incident. Please Amizah, wake up early and drive safely with your mind awake

P/S: It's a reminder, for me and for you readers. Please, drive carefully and do not speeding. It's not about the car you're driving, it's about how you drive. And of course it's about your safety, yourself and your beloved.

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