Luahan tepi pantai

Is it me to blame?

What did I do so wrong?

So it's true; that pepatah Melayu.

All kindness done in the past vanish because of one 'tiny evil'.

I've tried to prove that wrong but I found no supporting event. So I guess it really is not wrong.

Sad to admit that.

I feel like I don't belong here. I don't really know what have I built in these 8 months period; whether it is a bridge or a thick wall.

Analysing my innerself I believe it's not a bridge. And why did I built that wall?

It's hard to not be yourself to please others. And I'm kinda tired of it.

Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang harimau mengaum. I know what this pepatah mean, I know very well. Logically speaking, how can that kambing mengaum like harimau does? That kambing might be able to mengaum but of course kambing is kambing will never sound like harimau.

Please note that I'm neither kambing nor harimau :p

To someone who 'might' concern; I'm sick of you. Sick like I might resign if I'm thinking like a coward or like someone with no vission (ececehhh). I have dignity, I have my ego. I'll stay until I get what I want. I promise myself to stay strong, to shine brighter. You're not that 'massive' I would give up my ambition/future. I'll stay strong so you watch out.

It's already maghrib and I should get going.

Enjoy your dinner everyone!

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