Of her, alien and dot dot dot

Assalamualaikum wrt

Hello readers, good to see you again :)

Well, we're approaching end of March already. And that marks my 6th months here in Pasir Gudang. That's fast, don't you think? Half way to go until my 1st year anniversary (I mean the end of my contract) with my current employer.

The 1st half was quite a disaster for me. Disaster is a strong word, I believe. And I can say that tough is my other name. And of course, with the help from The All-Knowing I managed to get through all the hiccups and everything.

It was never easy to start a new life here. I struggled very hard just to adapt with current situation, to digest every bits of my new environment. Everything in Pasir Gudang was (and still is) alien in my eyes, mind and body.

I got sick every weekends and I have no one to rely on to. To make things worse, my new job is way harder and stressful compared to my previous position in Kerteh. I was a lonely lone ranger (and still am - but less lonely, I presume).

Honestly, the word 'solitude' is not cool. Anyway, where can I find a sincere & loyal company? I have issues trusting people lately; or maybe, I have issues with my inner self.

Fighting with yourself will always be a burden, the worst part is you will never know who wins the fight -- you or the other you. Kinda irritating, is not it?

So, let's make peace and be happy! ^^V

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