waiting for abah's call

abah promised to give me a call once everything's settled and he'll confirm with me the exact date he's coming.. but till now there's no ringing on my handphone. only messages from my bro, begging for topup. sori la bro, wrong timing.. arituh mase org nk bg byk songeh la plak. padan muke! wait till tomorrow yea, i promise to buy you one n don't forget to pay me back once we're home. hoyeah~ weekend's approaching..

abah, bile nk dtg ni.. tertunggu-tunggu taw.. actually, i'm not that excited waiting for abah because i miss home much3 more. it doesn't mean i don't miss abah ok. i miss him os cof. a lot! abah's coming with somethg i've been waiting for ages, a new boyfriend. hoyeah~ i love boyfrensssssssss. flirt n flirt n lotsssssof flirtsss to come. sejak bile aku jd playgirl ni..?haih~~
mungkin everything's not settled yet. puspakom ni bwat keje ke x?? kang abah dtg sini aku dh tercongok kt umah.. cane tuh?? pape jelah~ let time decide..
baru rase bole bernafas effectively. bebanan kt bahu dan otak dah maken berkurang.. sume esemens dh settled, online quiz probstat yg digeruni juge dh slamat disubmit. tinggal tests jek yg bakal berlangsung this coming wed n thursday.. hope everything's gonne be fine.
takdir membawaku ke UTP dgn seribu macam mcm2. dan aku redha dgn semua mcm2 itu. dan aku bersyukur setiap apa yg aku lakukan slalu dipermudahkan. Mungkinkah aku manusia yg plg bertuah pd abad ini? if so, Alhamdulillah.. if not, still, i should be grateful n i'm telling u, I AM!
perasaan ini sering mendera hatiku. it hurts but sometimes it makes me happy & to be frank, i love it. itu juga takdir kukira.. satu anugerah mungkin. oh i'm writing about this! this thing i don't wanna talk about most. fullstop then.
sorri to disappoint you. hohoho.. oh yes. b4 i forget.. i love these songs: because you live, beautiful soul, take your sweet time, just so you know n leavin. all by jesse mccartney. and another 1, i'm yours by jason mraz. hmm.. the lyrics n melody do attract my ears to keep listening to these songs. only them in my playlist and it keep repeating until i turn off my laptop. teraobsess perhaps. haha. oh, no pic for this rojak entry. hoho.
nite2 my dearies.. see u again tomorrow, n let's live another enjoyful day together, hopefully.. i love u all. i can't afford to lose anyone of you. muaxxx3 from me~ ;x

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