My blog is boring and I know that.
I've tried to change the background but I found nothing fancy my eyes nor suit my taste.
So I chose white and black - plain boring yet simple.
Simplicity suits engineer well I guess.

Even though I always claim myself as a designer, I don't do clothing or interior type of design.
What I do is tadaaa..

They said it was a male pressure vessel.
(If you get what they meant)
I do this kind of design but not in this size. I'm still new, not eligible for this range of work (yet). However, I do adore my senior for his work. I'm so moved that one fine day I'll have the opportunity to do this kind of design. Insya Allah. Amiin :)

A long way to go.
Passion still keep me moving.
Thanks for still being there.
I appreciate your stay :)

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