Friday Randomness

1. It's weekend. A short boring weekend I must say, as I work on Saturday.

2. Tomorrow is Saturday. I can say working on Saturday is not productive (from my experience). Only a few come to work, the rest either MC or on leave or absent. Normally, office is quite quiet on Saturday. Maybe it's the reason of unproductiveness.

3. But sometimes, Saturday can also be productive because not many come to work so I can do my job peacefully. It's tiring to be chased on weekdays. Please, I'm no robot.

4. Because I work on Saturday, I need to do my laundry on Friday. Some people just don't get it, they beramai-ramai do the laundry on Friday too (which sometimes annoyed me much when I'm the last to use the washing machine and the ampaian is full).

5. I get mad this morning because of laundry thingy. Yeah, you can say that I'm childish or whatever you want to. But there is certain thing I just can't tolerate. I have my own rules/law. It's just me, Amizah Azid and it's my identity I guess.

6. Do you ever heard this kind of phrase "Reti pakai tapi tak reti kemas"? I hate that kind of people, very much. Dah besar panjang pun tak reti-reti lagi? Derrr, please I taknak berperangai seperti emak-emak dalam kalangan kawan sama umur. I just hate nagging because nagger biasanya tak disukai. HAHA :P

7. To be honest, spending the weekend here is tak best. So borringgg.

8. Yesterday I bought 3 books, as a preparation to face a boring weekend. Amek kau sekali beli 3 bijik. Tak tahu bila akan khatam. KAHKAHKAH.

9. I hanya berani beli novel Melayu karya Hlovate. Kalau bukan Hlovate I memang tak beli. I tak berani sebab takut kerugian. Sebab I bukannya rajin sangat membaca, unless buku tu betul-betul best baru sanggup bersengkang mata habeskan satu novel dalam satu malam. Tapi itu dulu la, sewaktu masih bergelar pelajar di UTP yang mana pada ketika itu tengah MC, so tak payah risau takut terlajak Subuh.

10. I was homesick and thinking of balik kampung yesterday (ponteng kerja Sabtu) but I was too kind to ponteng. Ingat, anda masih dalam tempoh percubaan. HAHA tahu takut~ But I guess the main reason of tak jadi balik kampung adalah sebab I was too tired to drive for 4-5 hours alone at night. It's scary you know, driving alone in the dark. There's nothing you can see through your rear mirror. Seriously nothing, only darkness. You're considered lucky when there's another car/s behind you.

11. Sometimes I think that I was too cool driving alone at night for hours, every fortnight. Well yeah I have to because I left my heart at home - home sweet home (rumah sewa kat Paka ni tak sweet langsung - no, it's not a home to me).

12. I lapar, tak lunch sebab malas keluar. Kalau cari penyakit memang pandai. Mungkin boleh dinner awal kot.

13. Ingat nak jalan-jalan kat pantai tapi macam loser la pulak kalau sorang-sorang. HAHA. Tapi tak apa, bukankah dah biasa? :P

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