It's Friday Againnnn!

  1. Hey it's me again, staying awake in the middle of night thinking of.. many things. I don't know why my brain is so active tonight. 
  2. This is the third time I switched on my laptop in less than 6 hours (I mean when I reached home after work). 
  3. I think no more explanation is required for point number 2.
  4. OK, proceed to point number 5 :P
  5. Oh ya, it's winter here in Kerteh (Paka to be exact). OMG how fast time fly, it's end of October already!
  6. Tomorrow (I mean today - it's Friday already) is my 6th payday. So boss, how's my performance?
  7. I think that teh tarik I drank for dinner is causing trouble to my stomach. Why?
  8. Yes, it's caffein.
  9. Caffein and gastritis just don't get along together. Poor me :(
  10. That's one of the reasons I still wide awake. 
  11. I've been sick but I'm a lot healthier now. Thanks for the prayers, family and friends :)
  12. 6 months passed but I still wondering where is life taking me.
  13. I do have a backup plan. Yes, only one backup. And it's not that alluring (to me) but it's better than nothing at all.
  14. Scratch point number 13.
  15. I live my life co-currently. I mean, I just go with the flow. 
  16. When I was a kid, I never dreamed of becoming an engineer.
  17. That kid must be so surprised knowing she's so in love with engineering. 
  18. I can tell she was so confused 6 years back. Medic or engineering, that was a tough decision to make. Thanks Allah, for the guidance.
  19. Hopefully one of my family member can fulfill my mom's dream of having at least a doctor in the house. (Tak dapat anak, menantu pon jadilah :P)
  20. -deleted-
  21. I've deleted point number 20. No solid reason, I just want to :P
  22. I thought I would stop at point number 21 because I love 21 - it's my birth-date but I still have something to write.
  23. This is for someone called H, when are you going to reply my email?
  24. Teh tarik was the biggest mistake I made today (I mean last night)
  25. For someone you-know-who-you-are, thanks for caring.
  26. That girl, she's confused again. 
  27. My advice for that confused girl would be "Hey girl, just go with the flow like you always did. Nothing much to worry, because He plans the best for you".
  28. Am I a girl or a woman? Yes, Britney's right. Not a girl, not yet a woman.
  29. Transition phase, it's not easy.
  30. Life is not a destination, it's a journey. So true because I don't know where I'm heading.
  31. Do you really know who you are? I have a lot to discover about myself; how about you?

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