Random Raya

  1. It's 2nd day of Aidil Adha. What a bless celebrating raya with family.
  2. In less than an hour I'll be heading to Paka. Esok kerja weyh!
  3. I bought 1 big pack of green peas cikedis for raya. So yummmy, terkenang zaman kecik-kecik suka makan cekedis kacang pea. Hehe.
  4. My family didn't do qurban this year, so we just waiting for generous people to give us some meat as a present during the festival. Many thanks to those generous people :)
  5. I've framed my convocation photos. My dad is the most exciting person on earth to see my photos. He asked my younger brother to hang the photos on wall instead of putting them on some cupboards.
  6. Let's have lunch! Daddy's calling from kitchen.
  7. Tata everyone, see you next time. Love you muah! 

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